Saturday, August 11, 2012


As I wrote on my other blog:, today is the anniversary of 10 years my dad passed away.

His favorite western dish is mashed potatoes especially the dutch style. However in many cases when my mom too busy in preparing other food for us, the  Betty Crocker - Real Mashed Potatoes would also be fine :)

Please find herewith the link of nice creamy mashed potatoes recipe:

Miss you so much daddy, time was never enough. You must be rest in peace with Him now.
Pray for us who are still struggling in this world.

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Simon 西门-孙 said...

8.August (8.8) in Chinese it pronounce similar as (Bapa); and that day another father's day. I miss my later father/late parents too. They left us like just yesterday and I always think about them where they are.. what they are doing ... are they watching us ... .. .. .. when I look up the sky how I wish I could see them.