Tuesday, April 21, 2009


I started my day very early today.
After arriving at my office - about 45 minutes later, as usual an office girl and an office boy do their cleaning task in my office.

They work based on roster, usually they work for several same offices for a couple of days, before transferred to other offices area.

I noticed the girl that work for 3 days up to today has a very nice smile. She is very polite and have a very well mannered.

I never have a chance to chat with these office girls and boys. Only exchanging smiles and say thank you for their assistance.

Today, since it is not too busy, I started a conversation with the girl.

Responding my question if she employed here or on the job training, she said that she is on the job training at my company. She took a year of housekeeping hospitality diploma program. One semester learning the theory and one semester on the job to mastering her knowledge.

I asked her, what is the reason for her to take one year diploma program instead of taking a program which can lead her into a brighter career in the future? She said that her uncle who suggested him to take the program and so on.

From her explanation I can read between the line, that funds is actually the problem for her to get a better education.

Then....., I continue my conversation. I asked if she speaks English. Her answer: she does not have the capability to communicate in English.

I feel pity for this girl. To enter the jungle of hospitality world, it is a must to be able to speak English. She took the one year program, for the reason to get job quicker. But how can she survive from the competition if she does not have English as one of the main 'weapon'? She is a very nice girl, her character will be suitable for service industry. But............??

I learn from my experience talking to the girl. Being too busy doing my job and self centered....... (still I guess), I did not pay enough attention to small things happened surround me.

At the end of our conversation, I suggested her to learn English, even I know, maybe the fund for it can still be a problem.


idiluam said...

Mungkin aku tunggale dari mbak boy itu, bahkan lebih parah =)), aku lulusan sarjana dengan kemampuan bahasa inggris yang pas2an :)).
Tapi itu bukan halangan buat untuk berkembang, aku tetap bisa hidup dengan English litle-litle.

Suatu saat aku akan membutuhkan tapi bukan sekarang :D *ngeles*

* maaf commentnya in bahasa, english ku just read only

jazzy said...

bener banget, kadang kita perlu ngobrol dengan mereka ya, hm....tapi gitulah nik, sering kali binun ya, kaya pembantu di rumah ya, karena tidak ada pilihan dia jadi pembantu, kalo ada chnce lain, dia gak jadi PRT kan ya........nah lalu gimana ....solusinya? idup bersosialisasi itu kadang sulit sekali , bertentangan dng hati juga ya, achhh binun....mgkn paling bagus sebisanya kasih perhatian dan dorongan moral ya, hm.......