Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Was suggested by a friend lately, an authentic Italian Restaurant in Ubud - Bali area. Located at the second S turning from Lod Tunduh village to Monkey Forest, this restaurant looks so simple.

It is not easy to get your car a park if you are using car. However the taste of the pizza and other Italian Food, wow ..... Mamma Mia, it just stays on your tongue.

We had Quattro Formaggio Pizza, Penne al Salmone and Spaghetti Marinara for lunch today. Freshly grated parmesan cheese shines on top of perfectly cooked al-dente penne. The freshness of the tomato sauce which claimed imported directly from Italy, tastes just right!

I am not trying to market the place, I just want to share if you are an Italian food lover like me, it is worth to give a try.


Saturday, August 11, 2012


As I wrote on my other blog: http://www.muziekforeveryone.com/2012/08/in-rememberance-dad.html, today is the anniversary of 10 years my dad passed away.

His favorite western dish is mashed potatoes especially the dutch style. However in many cases when my mom too busy in preparing other food for us, the  Betty Crocker - Real Mashed Potatoes would also be fine :)

Please find herewith the link of nice creamy mashed potatoes recipe: http://thepioneerwoman.com/cooking/2007/11/delicious_creamy_mashed_potatoes/

Miss you so much daddy, time was never enough. You must be rest in peace with Him now.
Pray for us who are still struggling in this world.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


I started my day very early today.
After arriving at my office - about 45 minutes later, as usual an office girl and an office boy do their cleaning task in my office.

They work based on roster, usually they work for several same offices for a couple of days, before transferred to other offices area.

I noticed the girl that work for 3 days up to today has a very nice smile. She is very polite and have a very well mannered.

I never have a chance to chat with these office girls and boys. Only exchanging smiles and say thank you for their assistance.

Today, since it is not too busy, I started a conversation with the girl.

Responding my question if she employed here or on the job training, she said that she is on the job training at my company. She took a year of housekeeping hospitality diploma program. One semester learning the theory and one semester on the job to mastering her knowledge.

I asked her, what is the reason for her to take one year diploma program instead of taking a program which can lead her into a brighter career in the future? She said that her uncle who suggested him to take the program and so on.

From her explanation I can read between the line, that funds is actually the problem for her to get a better education.

Then....., I continue my conversation. I asked if she speaks English. Her answer: she does not have the capability to communicate in English.

I feel pity for this girl. To enter the jungle of hospitality world, it is a must to be able to speak English. She took the one year program, for the reason to get job quicker. But how can she survive from the competition if she does not have English as one of the main 'weapon'? She is a very nice girl, her character will be suitable for service industry. But............??

I learn from my experience talking to the girl. Being too busy doing my job and self centered....... (still I guess), I did not pay enough attention to small things happened surround me.

At the end of our conversation, I suggested her to learn English, even I know, maybe the fund for it can still be a problem.

Sunday, April 5, 2009


I was doing ceramic handcrafted many years back, but not anymore. However anything related to ceramics still has a place in my heart.

If you are a ceramic lover, you must have heard about Dinoyo Ceramic.
Dinoyo is actually a name of a region near Malang - East Java Regency where one of most popular ceramic center in Indonesia located, now you know how Dinoyo Ceramic obtains its name.

Never ask the history of how this ceramic craft happened in Dinoyo, no body knows.
The people of Dinoyo only can answer the question, "The craft has been there even before them."

Some say that this craft has been there since the era of Kanjuruhan Kingdom in the 8th century. And it survives till this modern era. The nuance of those ancient times still attached in the patron of the ceramic made in Dinoyo.

Uniquely some crafter still doing a special ritual before they start making ceramic. They believe by doing it, the ceramic being made will be more beautiful.

Interested to know further of Dinoyo Ceramic, I found an interesting websites which containing information related to Dinoyo Ceramic: http://www.dinoyo.com

Enjoy exploring.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009


I was invited for a lunch yesterday.
The place chosen was a nice Indonesian Restaurant named Kembang Goela located in Petitenget area.
You can find the place easily. Just follow the Petitenget road from the Kerobokan Traffic light. Kembang Goela is on the left side not very far from the traffic light. Its signboard with a lady in nonja style kebaya is very obvious taking attraction.

The restaurant picked a colonial interior style with some big size printed old photographs hung on its wall.
Several antique furniture also set as an interior component.
The restaurant overall is very clean and giving a pleasant feeling to enjoy your meals.

If you are looking for an authentic Indonesian cuisine signature, I must say that Kembang Goela have it. Even the service is a little bit slow and the up selling effort I feel sometime too pushy, they were still giving a top service category.

Their signature dish are their sausages and gulai ikan.
Price wise, considered ok for food selections, but not for the drinks - expensive.

"Sosis Om Yance or Uncle Yance's sausage" is a 75cm long sausages, served using a long wooden plate, especially to coupe the sausage. Mayonnaise, mustard and tomato sauce were the condiment to accompanied it.

"Sosis Sinyo Londo or Dutch Boy's sausage" served in a 'naughty' way........ :D
Check the picture below.

Rice is the main dish for Indonesian. And Kembang Goela develop the rice selection into 4 types of rice. The Yellow rice, Green Rice, Red or Brown rice and normal rice.
Yellow rice is rice colored with turmeric, and green rice having its green color from pandan leaves and daun kayu suji (I do not know the English word for daun kayu suji).

For you who like spicy food, their SambalKombinasi or Combination Chilli Sauce should get a two thumbs up. Consisted of Mango Chilli Sauce, Shrimp Paste Chilli Sauce or Sambal Terasi, and Gandaria Chilli Sauce. I wonder where did they get the Gandaria.
Gandaria is a name of a tree with greenish fruit. The fruit tastes sour but very good for sambal. The Gandaria trees is nearly extinct. To my knowledge the trees are only available in West Java.

Last but not least, I chosed cappucinno to complete my lunch.
The lunch finally ended at nearly 3 o'clock in the afternoon.